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Blondie Coffee


per box (contains 12 bars)

Blondie Coffee Bar offers a delightful pick-me-up while fulfilling your sweet cravings! Packed with fiber and nutrient-rich ingredients such as cashew butter, almond protein powder, honey, chicory root fiber, and coffee, it provides sustained focus and energy throughout the day. Treat yourself to the freedom of enjoying a genuinely wholesome protein snack bar.

Ingredients: cashew butter, almond protein powder, honey, almond flour, chicory root fiber, unsweetened chocolate chips, cocoa butter, coffee, mct oil (from coconut), sea salt

Contains: tree nuts (almonds, cashews, coconuts). may contain traces of: peanuts, eggs, soy, milk, wheat, sesame, and other tree nuts

Discounts: $35.99 per box when purchasing 6 or more boxes.

Be Free Bar - plant based, no dairy, gluten free.
7g Protein
6g Fiber

410 in stock

Nutritional Facts


  • The Decadent Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter reminds me of the delicious cacao chocolate that I grew up with in México. I highly recommend it!

    Irene Z.- age 58
  • Be Free Bars have been a perfect addition to getting me through postpartum recovery. They are a delicious and convenient way to keep me energized in between meals while I am busy nursing my newborn and keeping up with a toddler. I appreciate the clean ingredients and knowing I am nourishing my body.

    Brianna B. – age 30
  • I am always trying to make better food choices throughout the day and when it comes to a workday with no scheduled lunch breaks, Be Free Bar is the perfect “fill the void” in between meals for me. I like keeping different snack bars around my kitchen and my workplace, so I don’t get hunger fatigue. I’m a fan of the Be Free Bar for its simple approach to including just a handful of real ingredients. I like them so much I even sell them in my studio.

    Jennifer T. – Age 42
  • Be Free Bar really satisfies my chocolate cravings. I’ve been searching for a “clean” protein bar, and I’ve finally found one that has ingredients I trust. The bar is filling and easily takes me from lunch to dinner, on those days I need a little boost.

    Sharon A. – Age 56
  • Through starting grad school this summer, I have found Be Free Bars to be a great grab-and-go snack. They are not only delicious but give me the energy to get through my day.

    Lauren H. – Age 21
  • Be Free Bar is the first bar I can truly say that I am able to eat on the go. Due to its real ingredients, I can eat a Be Free Bar and jump into a workout shortly after without ever feeling sluggish, unlike any other snack bar I have tried. I never get tired of the delicious taste making the bar a morning essential to keep me energized.

    Jeffery B. – Age 22
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